Culture Intelligence from RED tracks consumer behaviour via data (from our consumer panel and culture experts) to deliver intuitive qualitative insights that cannot be discovered through quantitative research methods.

Consumer Panel

Culture Intelligence from RED aggregates the opinions, behaviours, preferences, intentions, sentiments, decisions of consumers to collect direct inputs, recognise problems and identify opportunities for growth.

Culture Insiders

Our intelligence capability is deepened by the best experts – culture insiders, all leading thinkers and doers with their thoughts, analysis and predictions on the biggest culture moments and issues.

What the Tool Offers

Numbers are good, but they are sometimes blind. We are more interested in what influences the culture and drives choices, and use these insights to unlock new meanings for brands and institutions looking to navigate a complex market.

We track and highlight the invisible cultural factors and special moments that are impacting the lives, perceptions and choices of consumers. We know what the streets are saying and use the knowledge to provide granular information that brand managers and experts need to make informed decisions.

By identifying cultural shifts, insights from the tool provide professionals in public and commercial sectors an extensive premise for ideation, testing, and developing strategies that withstand scrutiny and constantly-changing nature of trends and consumer behaviour.

How It Works

We feed the research questions into the tool, the public can participate by answering the questions and also add their own notes/thoughts to the survey.

Get their qualitative feedback, extract the keywords and use it for our pitches.

Tab Content

Feed the tool by taking the survey